The Experience



Thank you for the great experience.

I was mentoring 37 VIP clients from all over the world.  My annual event was a huge success! She was my event director and made my job so much easier.  She was there early and late all 3 days, making sure my guest were attended to.  She not only organized the live days, but she handled registration, created training materials, coordinated the videographer and the photographer to get the best pictures, the gift bags for each guest and she even assisted in selling products. 

My clients were equally impressed as they gave her glowing reviews.

Thank you Monica for making me look good!

Richelle Shaw, The Million Dollar Equation

Las Vegas, NV



We have had the opportunity to work with Monica Moore on numerous occasions over the last several years. 

Her professionalism always stands out most. There are always times as a small business where we need extra help.    

Monica’s abilities help to minimize the disruption that can sometimes occur with transitions in staff and needs of a business.  With our staff she has always been readily available to jump in and keep our business operations flowing. 

Everyone needs a Monica in their business. 

Miles Reynolds, Sport Court Las Vegas

Las Vegas,NV




Just wanted to say what a great job you do. So few people take pride in their work and I see it all the time from you. 

Your recent contributions encapsulate your work with EO over the last year; thorough, detailed, on point, well thought out, proactive, and supportive. 

We're all fortunate to have you on the team.

Adam Horowitz

Las Vegas, NV


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